Keeping your online learning safe

Online security is essential, for meetings, coaching and online learning. Anyone using an online platform for learning has a responsibility to keep your information secure and confidential. Have a look at how CM Learning protects your learning environment.


On by default

All Zoom sessions are given their own unique password which must be used to gain entry into the waiting room.

Locked meetings

Once you're in, you're locked in!

CM Learning will manually lock the room once all the registered participants have joined, to ensure no-one else can gain entry.


Keeping Big Brother at bay

You wouldn't set-up a video camera in the corner of a training room, just as you wouldn't record online learning as standard. If you need it recorded, that's possible and if so, CM Learning will work with you to keep it secure.

Waiting rooms

On by default

Waiting rooms are mandatory. Once the password is entered, the host must manually admit participants. So if your name isn't on the list, you're not getting in!

Collaboration tools

Tailored for your learning

Some collaboration tools may still be prone to security risks (e.g. 1-2-1 private chat, whiteboard and screen share). CM Learning will discuss the recommended tools and adjust settings for your learning.

Keeping updated

We all have a responsibility

All Zoom users, especially those providing online learning, have a responsibility to keep updated and adapt as new threats and measures are identified. Take a look here for what Zoom are doing and you can read their security whitepaper here.

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