Working From Home

'A strong mindset with a dash of willpower is needed to be productive and motivated when working from home.'

As more and more people move towards home working, many of us often wonder how to stay productive. There are so many barriers, from family members, unwanted door knocks and IT challenges through to feelings of solitude, procrastination and depleted motivation.


Working from home looks hugely different for each of us. What works for one person may well be a barrier for the next. In this module, we debate the techniques and approaches at our dispoal to be productive.


Learn how to take advantage of not being in an office environment in order to achieve more, whatever the situation at home.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify preferred working patters and techniques to enhance focus and reduce procrastination

  • Coping with the inevitable distractions which exist in the home environment

  • Manage your day effectively to maximise results from the time available


  • Module length 90 minutes

  • Group sizes of up to 15 people

  • CM Learning's preferred platform is Zoom

  • Read more about how CM Learning keeps your learning secure here

  • Other virtual platforms can be catered for and may incur an additional design fee and early facilitator access may be required for preparation

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