Virtual Teambuilding

'Even though a team may not be physically together, they can and should still take time to build a team community.'

Focusing on the bond between virtual teams isn't a priority for many people. Managers can assume that connection is unimportant and the team may be unaware of the benefits of collaboration from a distance. With more and more teams working virtually, it's as important as ever to work on building relationships, combating silos and increasing productivity.


Aside from team quizzes, there are a huge array of creative ideas to strengthen the team bond. This module provides both a demonstration of how it can work, and a space for the team to share their own ideas.


This module can be adapted for delivery to either a complete virtual team, or leaders and managers of virtual teams.

Learning objectives:

  • Reflect on what's working well and opportunities for development

  • Take part in an immersive and practical virtual teambuilding demonstration

  • Commit to action on how the team bond will be developed


  • Module length 90 minutes

  • Group sizes of up to 15 people

  • CM Learning's preferred platform is Zoom

  • Read more about how CM Learning keeps your learning secure here

  • Other virtual platforms can be catered for and may incur an additional design fee and early facilitator access may be required for preparation

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