It's been a bad week with news from the vet | Weekly Mindset VLOG [Episode 8]

Okay, first things's been a bad week on the vlog this week. As always, I do my best to help myself and my mindset.

Even though it's been a bad week, the vlog exists to try and help you, and so I continue to do my best to share what works for me (and sometimes, what doesn't).

If you're into mindset development and love dogs - then this week is the episode for you!

It's unpolished, it's imperfect, it's in the weekly vlog is here to help you to see that you're not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and show you that it's okay to talk about it!

Catch-up with the entire series of my weekly vlog!

As always, I'd love to know what you think (or feel) - also let me know if there are any specific mindset or resilience videos that you'd like to see from me on the channel!

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00:00​ Intro and coffee

02:22​ How was my weekend?

04:45​ Plan for this week

09:16​ My camera confidence at work session

10:45​ Essential PS5-break!

11:08​ Monday (almost) done

12:24​ Bad news from the vet

16:33​ Still struggling

19:33​ Feeling a little stronger

23:20​ Gratitude and mindset learning

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