's the last vlog episode! | Weekly Mindset VLOG [Episode 10]

No sooner than we hit double figures, it comes time to say goodbye...yes, it's the last vlog episode!

As much as I would love to sign-off the vlog in a blaze of mindset-glory, it's actually a pretty 'blah' week.

The last vlog episode includes the Monday blues, dogs with lampshades, melted mindsets, humpday self-care and practising gratitude.

It's unpolished, it's imperfect, it's in the moment...the intention of my weekly vlog has been to help you to see that you're not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and show you that it's okay to talk about it!

Creating a vlog specifically related to mindset, resilience and wellbeing has been an amazing experience which has taught me so much. If it helped to raise a smile, offer a little bit of support with whatever you are going through or just given you a welcome distraction, then I am happy.

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00:00​ Intro and weekend rundown

03:32​ BIG vlog news

06:27​ Monday mood is low

08:14​ The (noise) struggle is real

10:32​ Mindset is melted

12:00​ Humday self-care

15:34​ Vlog reflections and gratitude

20:33​ A HUGE thank-you and goodbye (for now!)

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