Trying not to procrastinate and fitness in lockdown | Weekly VLOG [My Mindset Stories Episode 5]

How easy do you find it to procrastinate? I have a few techniques that work for me and I'm using them all this week while also trying to keep up with my fitness in lockdown...deep joy!

I'm pretty good at adding the PRO to procrastinate, so this week I am doing all I can to manage my mindset and be as productive as possible.

There are still dog walks aplenty but I also try my hardest to create some structure around my fitness in lockdown while the gyms are shut.

Oh, and as much as I'm all up for some self-care and relaxation, I'm much less happy about a bad reaction from a face-mask!

My weekly vlog, 'My Mindset Stories' is here to help you to see that you're not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and show you that it's okay to talk about it!

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00:00 Intro (post-coffee!)

01:23 Bridgerton filth :)

03:45 Watch this 'face'

04:30 Accounting hell (trying not to procrastinate - part 1)

06:14 Getting HIIT

07:39 It's a dogs life

08:53 The early bird catches the worm

09:34 NOT putting the PRO in to procrastinate (trying not to procrastinate - part 2)

12:24 One vlog entry on a blah day

13:29 More noise during filming

14:32 Managing my (virtual) pre-show stage nerves

16:58 It's the little things (trying not to procrastinate - part 3)

18:41 Having an attitude of gratitude

22:31 Signing off

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