Struggling with my mindset & reflecting on the year | My Mindset Stories [Weekly VLOG Episode 3]

This week on the vlog, I find myself seriously struggling with my mindset and reflecting on the year ahead of a new one.

It's that weird week between Christmas and New Year when no-one really knows what day it is or what to do with themselves!

The end of a uniquely challenging one such as 2020 means that the start of a new one holds even more appeal than usual. That said, with so many ups and downs, I find myself really struggling with my mindset this week.

I'm a pretty reflective person, and this usually ramps up towards the end of a year. Struggling with my mindset leads me to do my weekly gratitude with a new years twist, by reflecting on the year in terms of what I am thankful for and what I want to keep going into 2021.

My new weekly vlog, 'My Mindset Stories' is here to help you to see that you're not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and show you that it's okay to talk about it!

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As always, I'd love to know what you think (or feel) - also let me know if there are any specific mindset or resilience videos that you'd like to see from me on the channel!

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00:00 Introduction and walkees

01:54 What a time to be alive

03:00 Getting ready for the day

04:42 This weeks music recommendation

05:38 Filming, done

06:30 My mindset starts to suffer

08:24 Not in a good place with my mindset

14:55 Another day, another dog walk

15:24 Reflecting on my mindset dip

17:20 Gratitude with a twist

22:00 What 2020 has taught me and my mindset

22:34 Meet Jack

25:28 My challenge for you

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