New Year Resolutions DON'T Work! | Try this instead

What a bold claim! Do you agree that New Year resolutions don't work and that they are a waste of time?

We do it every year...commit to the same New Year resolutions that we drop by February (if we even make it that far!). We need to accept that New Years resolutions don't work and STOP setting ourselves up for failure.

So many of us do it each and every year. We sit down and reflect on what massive, big changes we want to make in ourselves for the following year.

Top New Year Resolutions include...

  • Eating healthily

  • Saving more money

  • Doing more exercise

  • Putting more time aside for our development

  • Stopping smoking or dropping some other bad habit

The list goes on!

Then what happens? We get so demotivated and frustrated with our lack of progress, that we feel like a failure and stop trying within a matter of weeks (okay, days).

In fact, around two-thirds of us give up on our New Year resolutions by February, if we even make it that far!

Download my top ten tips to boost your resilience!

There is another way, and it is centred around reflecting on what we can learn from the year and choosing what we want to keep going in to next year.

Stop making New Year resolutions that you know you are going to abandon, and watch my video before you sit down to write yours this year!

Find out why new years resolutions don't work and make a commitment in a different way, trying something that is MUCH more likely to work for you!

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