Leaders: You Want Results? Start at the Top!

Providing learning and development is great, but often a wasted investment if change isn’t driven and supported by managers and leaders.

There are many reasons why it’s important to evaluate the learning and development you provide to your people, such as:

  1. To validate that the results achieved – and the budget spent – actively contribute towards organisational objectives and goals.

  2. To assist in deciding whether to continue, expand upon, or indeed discontinue, your current development offering.

  3. To gain intel on how to further improve your future development programmes.

However, some benefits, such as developing interpersonal skills, can be harder to put a solely monetary value on. The main advantages of having a proficient and committed workforce, who are on board with the company’s objectives and goals can include:

  • More satisfied customers

  • Reduced employee absenteeism

  • Less employee turnover

  • Increased morale and employee engagement

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Often many thousands of pounds are spent in the name of ‘new customer acquisition’, only to find that many of these new clients are soon put off by poor customer service efforts. This is not always as a result of a lack of development or substandard employee behaviours, but rather as a consequence of employee apathy or disenchantment driven by poor management and leadership.

A positive attitude and a commitment to improving performance starts with the approach of the company’s leaders and managers. When we want to do something it will get done better and faster than if we are coerced or forced into doing it.

Skilled and inspirational leadership has a way of becoming infectious. These managers know how to make people want to be highly productive, which is why they should be the first to be engaged in development if any change is to be successful.

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