My Imposter Syndrome and Me | My Mindset Stories [Weekly VLOG Episode 1]

In my new weekly VLOG series, 'My Mindset Stories', this first episode sees the week starting pretty well, until my Imposter Syndrome appears.

I get asked a lot about how to develop mindset and resilience (shocking for a mindset and resilience coach, I know!), and I truly do my best to apply the same techniques that I help other people with...

...which works for some of the time.

So my new weekly vlog, 'My Mindset Stories', charts the highs and lows of my week in terms of how I manage my own mindset and resilience (or not as the case may be!).

In this first episode, things start out pretty well, until my Imposter Syndrome shows his face and begins to loom in the darkest corners of my mindset.

If you're not familiar, Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern where we doubt our talents, skills or what we have accomplished and we regularly fear that we'll be exposed as a fraud.

In other words, in my case I can and do have all the qualifications, years of experience and track record to logically know that I have what it takes to do what I do. Yet my Imposter Syndrome, if left unmanaged, shows up to make me doubt myself.

I'd love it if you grab yourself something nice to drink - why not grab a snack too, you deserve it - and join me for this first episode of My Mindset Stories.

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00:00 Intro and interruptions!

03:05 Music for mindset

04:10 Motivating myself

05:13 Early morning mindset

06:45 BIG news (the beginning of my Imposter Syndrome)

07:56 Mindset reset with a dog walk

08:22 Slow start to the day

09:12 Putting the PRO into procrastinate

10:55 Meet Charlie and wrapping up the day

12:11 My Imposter Syndrome strikes (part 1)

14:04 Battling my Imposter Syndrome (part 2)

15:08 The peak of my Imposter Syndrome (part 3)

17:48 Reflecting on how I managed my Imposter Syndrome

20:41 Having one of 'those' faces

23:06 Weekly gratitude and signing off

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