Many people will tell you that you must 'silence' your inner critic, when in fact, there may be times when you need to listen to it before then learning how to manage your inner critic and stop doubting yourself.

Chances are, by the time you're reading this, you are a fully formed adult. You have decades of experiences under your belt and without getting too deep into it, all of those experiences from birth have gone to make you who you are today, complete with inner critic.

Our brain works so hard, without us even realising it, to keep us safe and alive, which is a good thing, right?

So we should listen to our inner critic; that little nagging voice, sometimes. It can help us to get ready and learn, if we listen to it when we need to.

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The trouble is, so many of us make the mistake of listening to our inner critic when instead, we should be telling it to shut up!

We need to get so much better at getting real with the irrational voice of our inner critic, before we then challenge it and rewrite what it is telling us.

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Our inner critic is made out to be the enemy when in fact, there are certain times when we should listen, and others when we should tell it to sit down and shut-up. It's never too late to get real with your inner critic, challenge it and change that little voice in your head!

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