Having a Lockdown Mindset

Updated: Aug 15

Often, a few weeks into and after a massive shock from a big change like we've all had, that initial adrenaline starts to wear off and things start to get really wearing and worrying for us. Now more than ever is when we need some really strong mindset techniques to help us through.

Not just us, to help us and others through. That could be your friends, your family, your loved ones or, of course, the people that you're working with.

Potential spoiler alert: this advice may not be anything totally new to you, but as we all know with this stuff, often it depends on that moment in time when you hear it (or read it). Hearing it now might just trigger a different thought, emotion or feeling. Then there's that huge difference between knowing something logically and taking the time, focus, effort and commitment to practice it, to make it a regular habit and way of thinking.

1. Perspective

We know that this will pass. We don't know when. We're going to have good days. We're going to have bad days. Maximise the good days and don't deny yourself that wallow time that we all need during the bad days. Once we've had that little bit of wallow time, then we need to take a bit of proactive action and control to get back onto more of an even keel.

Recently for me, it was going for a four mile walk and listening to a couple of my favourite development podcasts - yes, this is how I like to spend my spare time! It really did help to give me some of that perspective and remind me that yes, there will be bad days, and that this too shall pass.

2. The Rule of 90/10

Unless we're careful, we tend to focus and use most of our energy worrying about the 90% of stuff that just generally doesn't happen. The bad stuff tends to happen for only about 10% of the time. It's not about being Pollyanna. We've all had terrible things happen to us in our lives and we need to be prepared for the 10% that we have to overcome and face.

The huge learning point here is that we have a massive choice on what and where we choose to put our focus and our energy towards. It's about choosing to focus our energy on what probably won't happen or that we have no direct control or influence over.

3. Be Kind

Be kind. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those around you.

There are a lot of 'experts' out there right now telling us that during this massive period of change and enforced lockdown, we have plenty of time on our hands. Time to learn a new language. Time to write that best-selling novel you've always dreamed of writing. Time to Marie Kondo your home.


There is no requirement to do any of those things. These are uncharted times. Go with the ebb and flow, be kind to yourself and others and do what you need to do to get yourself and those around you through this as best you can.

You've got this.

If you're a watcher rather than a reader, my video sums up these tips for you with a little added detail (and explains the reason for the image in the blog cover!) :)

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