How's your mindset health? | why you need a growth V fixed mindset

If you've never really stopped to consider your mindset health, my new video will help you to understand the difference between a growth mindset V fixed mindset so that you can ask you really have a growth mindset?

With a fixed mindset, we believe that our natural talents and abilities are set in stone and cannot be developed, whereas with a growth mindset we see ourselves as a work in progress that is constantly evolving...

...though developing our mindset health and a growth mindset has a lot more to it!

That's pretty much what most people know about it, yet there is so much more that determines whether we have a growth mindset V fixed mindset.

Not only is this belief fundamental, so is where we are putting our focus, together with several key elements that help us to determine whether we have a growth mindset.

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These key elements consider how we...

  • ...respond to challenges?

  • with mistakes?

  • ...receive feedback?

  • ...view effort?

Only when we consider the two fundamentals (belief + focus), in terms of these four key elements, can we understand where on the spectrum we fall between having a growth mindset V fixed mindset.

Watch my video below for more support on how to gauge your mindset health and determine how you can move towards more of a growth mindset.

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