HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE PEOPLE | Boost your resilience against energy vampires and mood hoovers!

Call them what you like: energy vampires, mood hoovers or Dementors...learning how to deal with negative people is an art form in itself and something that can make a huge difference for our personal resilience.

We've all been there; having a great day and then suddenly, someone comes along with their negative, toxic energy and just a few minutes later if feels like they've sucked away all of our positivity and life force.

It could be at work or you might even have some toxic energy amongst your friends or loved ones in your personal life. Either way, they can be truly draining for our mindset and resilience.

One important thing to consider is whether you are dealing with a permanent energy vampire or a temporary one, and there is a difference. A temporary energy vampire may be having a tough time - and we all have tough times - and so, for a few months could need a lot of our attention. Whereas a permanent energy vampire is probably unlikely to change.

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Watch my short video below to find out more on how to deal with negative people, including how to control your responses, influence a more positive style of behaviour in them and above all...boost your resilience!

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