Helping Myself to Feel Better | My Mindset Stories [Weekly VLOG Episode 2]

This week, cancelled Christmas plans and some other life 'stuff' makes me work hard at helping myself to feel better, in episode 2 of my weekly vlog, My Mindset Stories.

Christmas can be challenging at the best of times. With so many ups and downs in 2020, I hope I'm not the only one helping myself to feel better.

As well as all the personal and professional drama we've had going on, many of us will now have cancelled Christmas plans to add to the list.

I'm definitely feeling the 'blahs' this to find out how I go about helping myself.

My new weekly vlog, 'My Mindset Stories' is here to help you to see that you're not alone in the mindset and resilience challenges that we all have, offer some practical help and show you that it's okay to talk about it!

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00:00 Intro

01:41 Mindset check-in

02:57 Opposites attract?

05:14 Feeling reflective

06:52 Productive much?

08:15 The 'blah' sets in

09:54 How I helped myself

11:20 Video launch and a thank-you

13:31 Presents and a rant

17:39 Let the self-care begin

18:36 Gratitude and sign-off

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