Let's face it, difficult discussions at work are so much less about the dusty models and the tired techniques, and they are so much more about our mindset and what makes us put them off for quite so long.

Most of us are coming at this all wrong, because when it comes to difficult conversations, what we tell ourselves matters.

Watch my video below to find out more about my top tips that will help you to stop putting off those difficult conversation that you know you need to have!

Reframe them

I have no issue with calling them 'difficult conversations' because after all, they're difficult! They can make us feel uncomfortable and it's no wonder we put them off for so long. That said, it can be very empowering to reframe them as simply having an open, honest 'cards on the table' type of conversation where we want to get to a better place in a relationship.

Go in with positive intent (and expect a positive outcome)

We get what we focus on, so if we go in thinking that it will go terribly and be incredibly difficult then guess what...of course it will! Going into the conversation with genuine positive intent and looking for a positive outcome means that we are much more likely to achieve this.

Check out my blog on managing your inner critic and reducing self-doubt if that's what holds you back when it comes to difficult conversations!

Prepare...a little

This can be one of the main excuses we use to put off a difficult conversation. Preparation is great and we should definitely prepare...a little bit! Think about why you need to have the conversation, what's making you feel the way you do, who you are going to be talking with and how you want things to be different going forward, then...

JFDI (just flippin' do it!)

You've committed to going in with positive intent. You've thought about the why and the how. Stop putting it off. Many of us have had this situation in the past where we've put off a conversation for so long, and then we finally have it and what happens? We immediately start to feel better. It's like the pressure lifts from our shoulders. That. That's what we need to get to in a difficult conversation, so much earlier.

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