Owning Your Development

'When we feel empowered we feel more in control.

No more so than when we are controlling our own development.'

Taking control of our development is so much more than begrudgingly filling in the dreaded 'Personal Development Plan' that quickly gets forgotten about.


Being in control of our own development is hugely empowering, and can also lead to some very distinct mindset challenges. Lack of time, not knowing where to start, money…the list is endless. We put so many barriers, blockers and often excuses in the way of our own development.


If we're lucky, we may have people around us to support our development, though ultimately if we want to develop, we need to take proactive action for ourselves.

Learning objectives:

  • Reflect on personal barriers that can limit our development

  • Consider where true development comes from aligned to the 70/20/10 model of learning

  • Identify opportunities for development from a range of techniques including peer learning, mentoring options and setting time aside


  • Module length 90 minutes

  • Group sizes of up to 15 people

  • CM Learning's preferred platform is Zoom

  • Read more about how CM Learning keeps your learning secure here

  • Other virtual platforms can be catered for and may incur an additional design fee and early facilitator access may be required for preparation

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