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The range of mindset development options can be delivered as standalone 'bitesize' modules, or packaged together to create your own programme.

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Managing Change

Reflect on personal responses to change, identify triggers and ways to more successfully manage it.

Building Resilience

Understand what true resilience is and share healthy coping mechanisms to replenish 'bouncebackability'.

Mindful Communication

Learn how to communicate with others, truly listen and hear, and have the difficult conversations when they arise.

Sessions run for between 1 to 1.5 hours each

Remote Team Working

More teams are working remotely, presenting a unique challenge in how they keep in touch and stay connected.

Working from Home

A strong mindset with a dash of willpower is needed to be productive and motivated when working from home.

Virtual Teambuilding

Even though a team may not be physically together, they can and should still take time to build a team community.

Group sizes of up to 15 people

Having a

Growth Mindset

Why a growth mindset is so vital in today's changing world and how to develop one with time, focus and commitment.

Controlling Focus & Energy

Take time to switch off auto-pilot and make a conscious choice of where to focus energy for a healthier mindset.

Owning Your Development

When we feel empowered we feel more in control. No more so than when we are controlling our own development.

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