Mindful Communication

'Learn how to communicate with others, truly listen and hear, and have the difficult conversations when they arise.'

We all communicate every day of our lives, so we should all be experts at it by now, right?


Just like any skill or talent, communication has to be developed. Understanding why we are not always effective - whether face-to-face, in writing, on video or telephone calls and conferences - helps us to reduce the pain and frustration, for ourselves and those around us.


It takes time, effort and commitment to develop a range of effective communication technques to maximise how we communicate, build stronger relationships and deliver better results.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different behavioural types that influence how we communicate

  • Have a toolkit of techniques to effectively question, listen and build rapport through communication

  • Increase confidence and assertiveness in handling challenging situations and conversations


  • Module length 90 minutes

  • Group sizes of up to 15 people

  • CM Learning's preferred platform is Zoom

  • Read more about how CM Learning keeps your learning secure here

  • Other virtual platforms can be catered for and may incur an additional design fee and early facilitator access may be required for preparation

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