CM Learning is leading the way with a live and online programme specifically targeted at helping your teams to understand themselves and each other for enhanced resilience, relationships and results.

Build self and team awareness with an online programme that has colour at the core

  • Resistance to change?

  • Conflict in relationships?

  • Managing a team remotely?

  • Broken down communication?

  • Selecting and keeping good people?

  • Distance between remote teams?

  • Improving productivity?

  • Inefficiencies of missed deadlines?

  • Ineffective meetings?

Provide development that allows a team to reflect on their behavioural preferences and create lasting and measurable results through the language of colour.

Development focuses on:


resilience for future success

Managing change and stress

Clarity4D sample profile

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the profile


our style to connect more successfully

12 week programme

Team sizes of up to 15 people

Includes individual personality profile

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