At CM Learning, Chris's aim is to not only build skillsets, but to change mindsets at the same time. With this mindset change, performance will improve, for the individual, the team and the organisation.

It's a common misconception that we are unable to develop our mindset. On the surface of it, this makes sense. After all, we've all had decades of different influences and experiences that have contributed to making us who we are, giving us our very own emotional baggage that we're all dragging around with us.


Much of the time, we just need a little help to switch off our auto-pilot mode to truly consider our responses, triggers and reactions, before we decide how we might want to be different in the future.

So much focus goes towards developing the vital technical skills that we need for our professional lives. Chris helps people to balance the equally vital mindset, resilience and relationship skills. These are needed for results and success, whether a leader, manager or part of the team.

Take a look at a few of the results Chris has helped organisations to achieve


The development that he facilitates is engaging, interactive and challenging. Chris helps people to focus on action they can take, rather than burning energy on what can't be changed.


Using accelerated learning techniques, the focus is on participation and application rather than tired models. With a natural and friendly style, Chris can easily engage with people so that he can truly personalise their learning.

Why wait any longer to provide practical and supportive development that strengthens mindset and gives your people the skills they need to be successful for themselves and your organisation?


It was interactive and engaging. Great to be given the time and space to learn. Loved the different activities and the breakout sessions worked well. Enjoyed it and think my staff did too.


—  Sam Kerntiff

Over 8 years experience of facilitating online learning

Delivering results through development for 20+ years

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