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Welcome to CM Learning

I’m Chris Mooney, and CM Learning is a learning and development consultancy that is tired of dusty old models, all-talk theories and stale, stagnant techniques when it comes to mindset.


Instead, I’m all about helping you to understand what makes you (and your teams) tick, so that you can fully develop your skills knowing that you’re resilient, strong and laser-focused in your approach to change, learning and development.

Why is this important right now?


Because you’re probably sick of the phrase ‘the new normal’ but you know that in your role as a hard-working and dedicated leader or manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your people can deal with it.


The good news is that there’s no such thing as the new normal. Change has always been around – and it will continue in the same fashion. The only thing that’s different each time is how we approach it, and admittedly, in the wake of a pandemic, that could pose issues. Mindset is key, and that’s how I’m unlocking potential with teams in multiple industries across the country.


​I can work with you to help your people manage change, build resilience and grow their mindset. I know that mindset can be a minefield, however, so to keep it simple, I’m all about the three Rs:




You’ve got a responsibility to get the best out of your people – and I’ve got a responsibility to help you do it. Group facilitation for team performance or one-to-one coaching for individual development… the choice is yours for whatever works best for your people and your business.

So, have you been feeling stressed about everything until this point?

You’re not the first.


Read my testimonials and see how I’ve helped build resilience and relationships to get results in businesses just like yours.

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